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Monday, April 2, 2012

Pulsar 10 Way Chaser

Classic controller from Pulsar.  This is the 10 way chaser which features the obvious 10 channels of chasing with 8 different patterns programmed into the unit.  There is a speed selection switch and knob for 2 different parameters of intensity.  The unit also features forward and reverse chasing with the ability to stop (Pause) anywhere in the chase pattern.  There are 10 LED's for indication of the output status.  There is also a master dim labeled as shimmer dim (basically a fade).  Connection is on the rear of the unit with direct wiring terminals.  The unit can run by itself with common 10 circuit light strips, other lighting circuits or add the 10 way Matrix controller for awesome starburst, starspin and other cool effects similar to the ones LiteLab created with the 8000 and 1000 series controllers/chasers/zoner packs.  Unit made in England and is circa 1980!