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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pulsar Modulator 3 Channel Color Organ

Another classic from Pulsar! The is the original Modulator 3 channel color organ. These units were very common in roller skating rinks and classic disco clubs. The unit takes a common input from an outside source such as mixer board, microphone or amplified system and makes the output channels flash to different ranges of sound. On this unit there is an output for Bass, Treble and Mid-Range. You can have up to 1,000 watts per channel on the standard Edison plug or up to 700 watts per channel on the Bulgin style plug. If you need more output power you will need to add additional slave units. These connect through a special 5 pin connector on the rear. The front panel has control faders for brightness and contrast on each of the 3 channels and a master for control over the complete system. The unit also has direction and audio bypass if you want to use the controller as a simple chaser. This unit is circa 1979 and is a definite classic!! Unit made in England.