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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Satel Mini Oxis

This is a rare unit produced by Satel. This is a Gem as I received it brand new in the box! Most people are familiar with the Satel Oxis 360 (Neutron Star), but have you ever seen a Mini Oxis?? Cool unit such as the full size, but does not have the strobes and uses MR 16 lamps instead of PAR 36 sealed beam lamps. Unit has 20 - 12 volt, 42 watt EZY lamps (10 on each side) that project out the focused beam of light. Bulbs can be gelled if colored beams of light are desired. There are 2 motor circuits on this light. 1 for the rotation of the complete unit and 1 for the opening / closing effect. The opening / closing effect is not symmetrical as 1 side can be higher than the other. This is the way the light was made and not a mechanical problem. There are 3 separate circuits for total control. Unit made in Spain. Truly an awesome light!! Action pictures coming soon!!