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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kreluz 3 Head Sweeper Bar

Another rare piece of lighting history! This is a Kreluz 3 head sweeper bar. Unit has a internal high torque Crouzet motor that revolves at around 10 - 12 RPM moving the bar back and forth 120 degrees. The effect is 3 large super bright beams going across the room either left to right or up and down depending on how you mount it. The lamp source is 3 - 40 volt, 150 watt FVN bulbs. The bulbs are in a PAR 46 housing. I took one of the protectors off so you can see how it mounts in the reflector. Fixture also has built in gel holders so you can color the beams if desired. Unit has 2 seperate plugs for function. 1 powers the lamps and 1 powers the motor. Unit made in Spain.

Kreluz 3 Head Sweeper Bar Video