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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Programmi Sistemi Luce Liquid Light

An updated version of the classic oil wheel effect. This is a Programmi Sistemi Luce Liquid Light imported by Omnisistem here in the US. The original wheel cracked and was leaking oil when I received it, but after a good cleaning it is in great usable condition now. The unit uses a 6" wheel mounted on a motor which speed can be adjusted by a control knob on the rear of the unit. The fixture now uses an unknown manufacturer for the wheel in the originals place. In the pictures you can see 2 replacements I purchased as well as the original wheel. The original wheel is the lighter clear looking one. The bulb source is a 12 volt, 100 watt HLX 64623 lamp. Unit has 2 motors. 1 for the rotation of the color wheel and 1 for the cooling fan. Unit also has an adjustable front lens so you can have the output clear or abstract depending on the setting. Light made in Italy.