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Monday, July 26, 2010

2 Head PAR 36 Beacon's

What classic club didn't have a set of these in it? This is a set of 3 classic 2 head light beacons. Originally used for emergency vehicles and usually called police lights, these type of fixtures made their way into clubs in the 70's and faded out in the late 80's. The newer versions of these style lights use a rotating reflector instead of rotating bulbs. This made a poor effect as far as I am concerned. The newest version uses LED's that chase around the dome for the effect. The set here was produced by North American Signal for industrial purposes, but I acquired them for visual effects! The lamps inside are 12.8 volt, 30 watt - 4416-1 bulbs. The bulbs rotate at about 30 RPM. Units are made in the U.S.