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Monday, July 26, 2010

Sapro Light Flower

This is the second of 2 huge original moonflowers I have acquired. This is a classic Sapro Light Flower. Unit outputs a large moonflower cluster because of the over sized mirror dish. In addition the unit has a large rotating color wheel on the front the rotates at a constant slow speed. This unit is very similar to the Sapro Sound Flower, but a bit larger and heavier. The difference is this unit adds shock springs to the motor assembly attached to the mirror dish assembly adding an extra shaking effect for the output. This unit has been modified from its original electrical factory settings, but is great now! The internal transformer was swapped out so the unit would run on 110 instead of 220 volts. Currently this unit is operating via 0 - 10 volt control, but a simple animator board will be installed so the large mirror dish will rotate to the beat of the music. The bulb installed is a 36 volt, 400 watt EVD lamp. The unit uses 3 motors. 1 for the rotating color wheel, 1 for the rotating mirror dish and 1 for the cooling fan. Unit made in France. Action pictures coming soon!