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Monday, July 26, 2010

F.A.L. Colourplus PF 548

One of the coolest moonflower type lights ever produced! This is a F.A.L. Colourplus light fixture. Unit uses a high power 120 volt, 800 watt HX-185 Roundlux lamp that creates a distinct horseshoe shape projected from the unit. Inside the Colourplus there are 2 separate rotational motors that move opposite directions from each other. Attached to the front dish is a wheel with dichro lenses on it and the other has dichro mirrors attached to it. The effect is tons of different colors produced moving in different directions. Unit has 3 motors. 1 for each rotation motor and 1 for the cooling fan. The light also features 2 separate power cords the the motion motors and fan can run continuously and the bulb can be controlled separately. Unit is sound active which means that it moves to the beat of the music. The sound is picked up through a microphone on the rear of the unit and also will accept a 1/4" connection from an audio source. Unit made in Italy.

f.a.l. ColourPlus Video