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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Obvious-fx (METEOR) Spyra

This is a Spyra by Obvious-fx. Fixture was produced by METEOR here in the US. Obvious FX was a different product line from the manufacturer, but the same quality construction was used to produce the unit. Unit has a cone shaped structure and uses a ENH 120 volt, 250 watt bulb to project a beam of light through a small hole. After the hole, through a constantly changing dichoric color wheel, up through a lens finally to a split mirror spinning head where it then reflects off of the 6 side mirrors. Very unique light that projects a narrow beam criss-crossing to the beat of the music via the internal microphone. Unit has 2 motors. 1 for the color wheel and 1for the split mirror rotation. One of a kind unit!! Unit made here in the US. Thanks to George at METEOR for the info on this unit!

Obvious f-x Spyra Video