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Friday, February 12, 2010

$$ Lighting for Sale $$

This is the section for units that are ready for purchase. Please contact for further details about the units if interested. Lighting effects can be shipped worldwide. PayPal and bank transfers accepted on all orders as well as money orders and cashiers checks. International orders please add 4% for currency conversion. Prices updated 04/09/2015. Prices subject to change at any time without notice. Payment plans available.

A few of the items available.  Email for additional info, units and prices.

Pulsar Rock Desk Including 1 X Dimmer Rack.  This system is great for theatres, clubs and churches.  The dimmer pack was a display model and never actually hooked up.  The controller is used but in good working condition.  120 / 220 / 240 Volt Single Phase or 208 / 380 / 415 Volt Three Phase hookup.  $175.00 for both!!  That's a steal!!

See additional Info here for the units:

NOW AVAILABLE!! Griven Circus 575!!  Awesome unit built like a tank and uses a super bright 100 volt 575 watt discharge lamp, dual spinning / scanning mirrored cones, dual gobo dichoric color wheels and dual cooling fans.

T.A.S. Swing.  Made by Coemar the unit is built like a tank and has awesome optics!  $125.00

Clay Paky Pin Scan Units (5) Available.  $225.00 Each.   Email for details. 

METEOR Cobra-3  Awesome unit $350.00 - 3 X 150 watt lamps creating a very unique Derby Style Effect!!

Programmi Sistemi Luce Janus Unit: $275.00 Great unit from Italy!! 2 X 64514 bulbs project through a large gobo wheel that can be set to change at different time increments from the unit or from an optional remote. There are also 2 sets of dichoric lenses that move to the beat of the music with an adjustable sensitivity knob. Check out a video of the light on the video page of this site.

Programmi Sistemi Luce Janus

Times Square Lighting Rope Runner Rope Light Chase Controllers (No Ropes), but I have a source for the them. 2 Available $35.00 each 110 volt units

Programmi Sistemi Luce (PSL Italy) Colour Plus Color Changer Units (DMX) DISCHARGE! (2) Available! $325.00 for the set of (2) 110 volt units. Nice color changers that are built like a tank!! Sound active or controlled by's your call!

MTX Pro-215 Professional 3-Way Speakers (Pair) $325.00 for the pair. All new drivers installed! 4 or 8 ohm operation.  500 watt program RMS and 1000 watts peak. 

Techni-Lux Alpha!  New in the box!  24 volt, 250 watt with sound active operation.  REDUCED TO $100.00!!  NEW IN BOX UNIT!!!

Martin Sweeper $80.00 - 110 volt unit. Classic unit that has bright and rich colored beams of light that fills a room!!

Also check my Ebay page for items.  Click HERE for details.