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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lightcraft 1200 Club Machine Controller

You are looking at a Lightcraft 1200 Club Machine Controller. Unit has a ton of flexibility and can control a lot of lighting channels. Unit has 8 direct channels of control for relays and 4 channels of control for dimable chase units (dual output). There is also a section on the unit (left 3 faders) used for audio sensitivity, speed of the chase output and a "master" fader used for the overall intensity of the chase channels. Each of the 4 output chase channels also has their own fader for intensity of the individual channel. Unit also features direct audio input via 1/4" and internal microphone for sound-to-light chase control. The center of the unit is used for control of various chase patterns (16 different), selection of audio chase, blackout for the chase channels and effect channels and other functions. Each effect channel features an on-off switch as well as a momentary "bump" switch used for momentary switching of effects. Unit made in the United States. UNIT IS FOR SALE!!