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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lightcraft 460 Pro Relay

This is a Lightcraft 460 Relay. Unit can be controlled by any of the Lightcraft controllers. It is triggered by the 6 pin DIN input. Each channel has a max of 600 watts and 2400 watts total for the unit. Each output channel has 1 outlet and individual fuse protection. Unit also has a 1/4" input for an optional foot controller or on / off control from an outside unit. Unit is made in the United States.


  1. I have a 300 watt per channel mobile 460, and outlet 2 and 4 will not go with the music they just stay on. 1 and 3 work fine. Any ideas what could be wrong with 2 and 4.


  2. Sounds like the main IC chips for those 2 channels have been overloaded and will need to be replaced. This is what usually causes a channel to be stuck on.

  3. I have a mobile 460 and channel 2 has no power, all the others work fine any help would be appreciated. Thanks

  4. Sounds like the channels have burnt up. We repair these units if interested. Email for information.