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Thursday, April 1, 2010

American DJ Krypto 575

This is a current project I have taken on. This is an American DJ Krypto 575. Unit is very large and heavy, but looks awesome when powered up. Unit has a HMI 575 lamp in the center that when ignited shoots through a rotating dichoric drum, (currently missing some lenses) out of 8 lenses, then onto 8 mirrors that move independently (Currently 1 missing with the motor and bracket). The mirrors move the beams in and out and onto 8 rotating mirrors and mirror dishes. (4 mirrors and 4 multi-mirrors). Unit can be controlled independently via a internal microphone or dedicated controller (Which I do not have, but am looking for). Unit has 19 motors. 8 for the mirrors on each arm, 8 for the rotating mirrors, 1 for the dichoric drum, and 2 for the cooling fans. If anyone knows where I can find some parts for this unit please let me know. Unit made in China??