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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Programmi Sistemi Luce Rotostar

Video of PSL Programmi Sistemi Luce Rotostar Unit

Another super Italian light piece. Imported in the US by Omnisistem. This is a Programmi Sistemi Luce Rotostar. Awesome light that puts out an awesome light show. Unit has 6, 13 volt - 100 watt 4509 General Electric ACL lamps on the perimeter of the unit that each have a motor on them. The motors move the bulbs towards the rotating mirror drum in the center and also outwards creating a super high-tech helicopter like effect. The motors react to the beat of the music via microphone in the center of the unit. There is also an adjustment knob for the sensitivity of the motor triggers. The mirror drum in the center rotates at a constant speed (about 30 RPM), ant the entire unit spins at a constant rate (about 20 RPM). Fixture has 2 circuits. 1 for the main motor and 1 for the bulbs, rotating drum & bulb motors. Unit made in Italy. This unit is for sale!!