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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Coemar Comet 36

This thing is HUGE!! Very rare Coemar 36 rolling box light. Unit has 36 Par 36, 6 volt 30 watt lamps set on a large fiberglass shell. The fiberglass is metallic silver speckles in it which is an added cool look. Fixture also has 36 neon lamp indicators which illuminate when a bulb goes out. This unit come out of a roller skating rink and was super dirty and caked with 25+ years of smoke stains and grime. It took a while to tear it down and clean, but the end effect is great!! Unit was gelled with various colors, but were removed and discarded when the unit was cleaned. They were burnt and flaking apart. Unit is 220 volt and has 3 separate circuits for operation. 1 for the lamps and 1 for each rotation motor (unit has 2). Coemar made 2 versions of this unit (1 is a smaller 16 lamp unit and this is the larger 36 lamp version). Unit made in Italy. This unit is currently for sale!!