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Friday, April 2, 2010

Show Pro LSR-1 Laser Image Laser System

One of the early laser systems that was actually user friendly. This is a Show Pro LSR-1 Laser Image laser ystem including the controller, control cables & 2 heads. The output varies from a stars, circles, triangles and other shapes to the standard red dot. I think Red Line Lasers from St. Louis, Missouri made this unit for Show Pro. Unit uses Melles Griot laser tubes, not the diodes used in to days lasers. Output is a solid red beam of light rated at 4.95 mW, but actually is around 6.5 mW. Beam can be manipulated from the controller which sends signals to the heads for rotation and speed. The signal goes to 2 separate motors in each head which have mirrors on them. These are what produce the patterns of the light when it exits out of the unit. System also has a 1/4" connector on the rear of the controller for connection to an audio source. This will make the laser dance to the beat of the music. There is a small speaker inside each head with a mirror on it which will move when audio is applied and makes the effect. System made in the U.S.

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