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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unknown Manufacturer Double Frisbee Light

This is a very large and heavy light. This is a direct copy of a F.A.L. Twinflower PF 518. If anyone has any additional info please post up. Unit has constantly rotating large dichoric wheels with green, red, orange and yellow colors on it with 2 - 36 volt, 400 watt EVD bulbs in front of the wheels. The light then goes out 2 large convex lenses onto mirrors that swivel and spin. The spin function is controlled via an internal microphone so it responds to the beat of the music. Unit can also be controlled 0 - 10 volt analogue through a 1/4" plug on the top of the unit. Fixture has 8 motors on it. 2 AC motors for the constantly rotating dichoric mirrored dishes, 2 DC motors for the swivel of the mirrors, 2 DC motors for the spinning of the mirrors and 2 for the cooling fans. Unit made in China. This unit is currently for sale!! I posted up the F.A.L. brochure so you can see how similar the 2 units are.