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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Programmi Sistemi Luce (PSL) Alien Centerpiece Unit

Great unit from PSL.  This is the Alien centerpiece unit.  The unit features (10) 24 volt, 150 watt FCS lamps housed in a large circle to produce the beams of light.  Bulbs are wired (5) in series (2) circuits with neon indicators to show faulty lamps.  Mounted directly across from the light sources are large mirrors attached to a Micro Motors. These are on each large arms.  All of the Micro Motors are wired opposite (Negative and positive) so each motor will rotate in the opposite direction than the one next to it.  The unit is sound active and controlled from a central PCB triggered from a small microphone located on the side of the unit with a sensitivity adjustment button.  The cooling of the unit is from a high velocity fan mounted in the inside of the unit pulling air into the chassis.

This was a long undertaking project.  The unit had suffered moisture damage from either the club where it was located or where is was stored when removed.  The overhaul consisted of the following:  New fuse holders and fuses, all new mirrors (The old plastic ones were in bad condition and not attached very well), all new bulbs, 8 of the 10 Micro Motors were replaced, new microphone, complete rebuilding of the PCB, new fan motor and new paint where needed.  Also a couple of Coemar Spartan hanging brackets were added for easier mounting since the original PSL bracket is used for permanent mounting.      


The sad condition of the unit from when first came in.