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Sunday, November 13, 2016

f.a.l. Enigma Centerpiece Unit

A great one from f.a.l.!  This is the Enigma centerpiece that is HUGE!!  The fixture features a 120 volt, 800 watt Roundlux lamp positioned in the center.  Rotating around the lamp are 3 very large dichros that respond to the music via the on board sound active circuitry (External triggering of the unit is also available through the 1/4" connection on the rear).  As the dichros rotate the colors change producing an unlimited color spectrum!  16 large convex mirrors focus the beams onto the 16 large mirrors positioned on the perimeter of the chassis. Each of the mirrors are completely adjustable to make the spread of the beam concentrated or as wide as desired.  This was originally a 220 / 240 volt unit but a conversion was performed.  Changing of the PCB transformer, fan and lamp were performed.  A new paint job is coming soon as there is a lot of minimal surface rust.  Unit made in Italy.