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Friday, November 18, 2016

Optec OptiColor Color Changer System

Great Color Change system from Optec!  This is the OptiColor system which is very similar to a Lightwave Research ColorPro System except no external controller.  Each head uses 3 X 120 volt, 250 watt ENH lamps mounted in a dichoric assembly.  The rate of each lamp makes the colors change.  The dichros are red, blue and green which make all other colors. Instead of a dedicated controller each unit has a 6 pin cable which connects to a separte unit named a 'Splitter Box'.  Off of the splitter box there are 3 power leads.  The power leads connect to any dimmer that can handle the total load of each color ( so for example 4 units need at least (3) dedicated 1K dimmers).  Each splitter box can handle up to 4 OptiColor units.  When we acquired this system it only had 1 splitter box and 2 heads.  If anyone has more units please contact us.  The front lens assembly slides in and out for beam adjustment.  A focused tight beam or soft wash can be accomplished with these units.  Fixtures are fan cooled and feature tube assemblies above each bulb that concentrate the air flow for better efficiency. Great units made in the US.