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Friday, November 18, 2016

Griven Cruiser 1200 Fixture

A truly amazing fixture from Griven!  This is the Cruiser 1200.  These were available in 575 and 1200 watt versions so this is the larger of the 2.  The unit features a central large 1200 HMI double ended lamp that produced a super bright output!  The beam shoots from the center of the unit then through a dual gobo wheel system that is linked together and connected with a common shaft and single stepper.  From the gobo wheel the light goes through a shutter system used for strobing and blackout functions.  After the shutter it bounces off a 45 degree mirror making both beams now point towards a set of convex lenses then out of the projection chassis / housing.  Once the beam exits the housing it encounters arms with 2 X dichoric glass reflectors and a mirror.  Each dichoric reflector and mirror has its own independent stepper and each are mounted on a large arm.  Each arm has its own stepper and moves independently.  The output is spectacular!  It works like having 6 scanners running off one unit.  The unit can run its own programs via an onboard microphone or DMX 512 from an external controller.  There was also a dedicated rack mount controller made for these units but unfortunately I do not have one.  A great one made in Italy!