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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Griven Dobos Projector

This is a very odd unit from Griven. This is the Dobos projector. The unit features 2 X 120 volt, 250 watt ENH lamps that are mounted on separate rotation motors. The lamps are located on extended pieces of metal so the lamps can create a unique effect. How the unit works is that the lamps move in a 360 degree arc to the beat of the music. Located in front of the unit is a large metal plate with gobo like cuts in it with dichoric pieces attached. This plate acts like a large gobo template for the image projections. The lamps move opposite of each other for synchronized beam projection of light out of the 2 convex lenses on the front of the unit. The output is colored beam patterns changing to the beat of the music. An interesting design that Griven used is the unit has 2 large resistors stretched across the front of the chassis directly under the lenses. This is used to drop the 220 volt input down to 110 volts for the lamps. It gets very hot when the unit is operating and you can see where some of the insulators have turned brown from high amounts of heat generated from the resistors. The fixture can be controlled from the onboard microphone of through direct connection via ¼” connector on the rear. Unique unit made in Italy.