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Friday, January 25, 2013

Clay Paky Saturno

I love this classic piece! This is the Clay Paky Saturno unit. The unit features a 36 volt, 400 watt EVD lamp that is mounted at the rear of the unit that projects through a small tunnel with a convex lens at the end. Located at the end of the tunnel is a 4 color plus white color changing wheel that rotates at around 5 RPM causing the beams to be colored full or between 2 different colors causing a split colored beam. From the color wheel there is a mirrored beam deflector that moves the beam across the 180 degree arc making the light project through the 14 high quality lenses on the perimeter of the unit. The beam deflector is sound active and is triggered from an onboard microphone or direct input via ¼” mono plug located at the rear of the unit. The final output is changing color beams of light shooting out of a few front lenses at a time. The light scans from side to side moving around to the beet of the music. The wiring of the unit allows for the lamp and color wheel circuits to be controlled separately. This allows the colors to be constantly changing, set to a specific color or white or half way between colors for effect. Made in Italy.