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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

F.A.L. Scorpion C/C Unit


Awesome unit from f.a.l. This is the Scorpion C/C fixture. The C/C designation is for color changing model. From the exterior this looks like the standard Scorpion static light projector unit with an additional metal dome attached to it. That is where the similarity ends. Located inside the unit is a 36 volt, 400 watt EVD lamp that is mounted on a 6 sided cylinder that rotates to the beat of the music. The cylinder has 4 dichoric glass pieces mounted in 2 cut sections in the cylinder. The cut sections are opposite from each other and have a space between the dichoric pieces. This causes a blanking – colored – white output from the units 8 convex lenses. Each lens has a metal separator inside so light spilling from lens to lens does not occur. The color changing effect is controlled from an internal PCB and can be triggered from an onboard microphone or external sound source via ¼” connector on the rear. Also the power for the lamp / fan and the color wheel are on separate circuits so they can be controlled independently. This is the halogen version, but f.a.l. also had an option for a SN250 arc lamp for brighter and richer colors. Unit is 220 volt operation and was made in Italy.