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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PSL Programmi Sistemi Luce Dynamic Scan

A great unit from PSL!  This is the Dynamic Scan laser simulator unit.  This unit features a 24 volt, 250 watt EVC light source located at the rear of the unit that reflects off of an aluminum reflector mounted on the lamp access door.  The light then passes through a small convex lens with a constantly rotating dichoric color wheel with 8 colors mounted behind it.  As the color wheel rotates it switches between white and color constantly making a very nice effect.  After the light rotates through the color wheel it passes through a much larger convex lens and then onto the vibrating mirror assembly.  The vibrating mirror assembly is triggered by sound via a microphone mounted next to the assembly.  There is a sensitivity knob to adjust the trigger for the vibration mounted on the assembly as well.  The output is a super fast “laser” like scanning effect that is constantly changing colors.  The unit has quite a bit of weight to it from the large transformer mounted in the center of the unit.  Also, replacing the lamp is a bit tricky due to the way it fits into the base and also there is a metal bracket that is conveniently in the way.  Fixture made in Italy.