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Friday, June 18, 2010

VEI - Superstar Lighting MF-394 Rainbow Light

Video of the VEI (Superstar Lighting) MF-394 Rainbow Lighting Effect

It's big, heavy and awesome! This is a VEI MF-394 porcupine style light. Manufactured by Superstar Lighting and sold in the US by VEI. Unit has a ton of multi-colored lenses that are on the front of the unit that emit 2 rotating focused beams out of each one. Unit currently has 2 X 150 watt FCS 64640, 24 volt bulbs installed, but the regular bulbs that the unit take are 2 X 250 watt, 24 volt HLX 64655 bulbs. Unit rotates the 2 bulbs on a large platter making the effect work. Unit is sound active and reacts to the beat of the music as well accepts 0 - 10 volt analogue signal via the 1/4" plug on the rear of the unit. The unit can operate as a static unit, or animated since the sensitivity knob also has a on - off switch built in. Unit made in Taiwan.