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Sunday, June 13, 2010

American DJ Tempest 250

I acquired these 2 lights in a deal I did a while ago. They currently are not working, but hopefully in time they will be operational. One PCB is having issues and the other unit's PCB is missing. The problem is they are no longer available. If anyone knows where to find replacements shoot me an email. These units are heavy and bulky, but put on a super show when working. The units have a MSD 250 watt arc lamp in the center that emits through a set of 6 small lenses (one for each output) then through a rotating dichroic lens system. From there through another 6 convex lenses then on to mirrors that move and rotating mirrored dishes. Each of the 6 outputs has 2 separate mirrors mounted on motors and a constantly rotating mirror dish. Through the internal programs and DMX control the units output is scanning beams in and out as well as bouncing off of the rotating mirror drums. You must see this unit live in person to appreciate the true beauty of this light. There is a total of 19 stepper motors (1 for the color wheel & 3 for each output) and 3 standard motors for the cooling fans. Unit can be operated through DMX 512, connected to other units through a XLR cable for master/slave operation and run independently. The programs are pre-programmed and are triggered from DMX 512 or through an internal microphone to make it react. This unit, when it was available, came in a few different versions. All were pretty much the same, but used different lamps. They were the MSD 250 (like these), GLC 575, HMI 575, EVD 36V, 400W & Arcsteam 150. Unit made in Taiwan.