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Friday, June 4, 2010

Martin Wheeler

Another unit from the DJ Series from Martin. This is a Wheeler unit that has a very cool output. The unit has a 300 watt, 120 volt 64515 halogen bulb in the center with a 4 dichro color wheel surrounding it. The light emits out from 4 lenses onto 4 rotating mirror drums that are off center. Unit also has 4 stationary mirrors in the center for added effect. Unit can be operated in 3 modes. Mode 1 is bulb on constantly and mirrors & color wheel reacting to the beat of the music. Mode 2 is the same as 1 but the bulb flashes as well to the beat of the music. Mode 3 is fan only. This is used at the end of the night to cool the unit down. Unit has 6 motors. 4 for the mirror drums, 1 for the color wheel and 1 for the cooling fan. Interesting note on this unit; the mirror drums are polished aluminum and not the usual glass. This makes them lighter and not as fragile. Unit made in Denmark.

Martin Wheeler Video