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Friday, March 3, 2017

Studio Due Ray Scanner 400

Great one from Studio Due.  This is the Ray Scanner 400 unit.  It features  36 volt, 400 watt EVD lamp with a multi-color dish mounted behind it.  The dish rotates to the beat of the music producing a brilliant cluster of light.  The light produced shoots out of a large convex lens then onto a large mirror that also moves to the beat of the music.  This moves the cluster of light around the room.  I believe this unit was modified from its original operating condition as it appears there was an additional motor that would add an additional movement on the scan mirror for an 'X and Y' axis movement.  It looks to be removed and a motor bracket attached where the mirror is currently.  Both motors are attached to the same sound circuit so the move at the same time.  Music triggers from a microphone on the rear of the unit and is adjustable with a potentiometer.  Unit is fan cooled and made in Italy.