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Saturday, March 4, 2017

t.a.s. Mini-Contact Units

Interesting set of units from t.a.s.  These are the Mini-Contact scanner / color changer units from t.a.s.  These units use the same housings as the Coemar Baby Color units but use a different color changing system and add a scanner mirror on the end of the light aperture.  Each unit operates independently with it's own control system.  The light source is a common 120 volt, 250 watt ENH lamp.  Inside of the base of each unit the step down transformer for the motors and lamp is housed.  Mounted to the external part of the base is a 3-way selector switch, microphone and adjustment potentiometer.  The selector switch has constant motors on, motors off and sound active motor rotation.  Located inside of the main head assembly is the bulb, dichoric color wheel, color wheel motor, cooling fan and control PCB.  There are 5 colors plus white produced from the unit.  The output is scanning beams of light with sound response or constantly moving.  Great units made in Italy.