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Sunday, December 25, 2016

f.a.l. Alligator

Great unit from f.a.l.  This is the Alligator unit that is very similar to a Lampo 'Little Star' style unit but adds an additional movement to the output.  Most units like this one just have a rotating lamp or lamps but this unit adds an additional side to side movement.  The result is up and down beams that also pivot side to side as well.  The unit will accept any line voltage linear lamp up to 1000 watts.  Currently there is a 220 volt, 750 watt lamp installed.  The fuse just needs to be adjusted accordingly for the type of lamp being used.  Since such high power lamp is used 2 cooling fans are installed that pull air in from the rear of the unit and force it out of the front.  The unit has on on board microphone for motion triggering but external control can be achieved through the 1/4" connection on the rear of the unit. Originally these had orange, yellow and green colors from the factory but over time they faded.  All that is left is amber.  Gels will correct the issue.  Great fixture made in Italy.