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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sapro Color Wave

Another unique unit from Sapro.  This is the Color Wave unit that features a central 36 volt, 400 watt EVD lamp housed in the center of the unit.  The beams of light project from the 8 convex lenses located on the perimeter of the large round saucer.  Located around the saucer is a strange looking mesh grill.  This holds color gels and rotates to different positions to change from white to other colors that are attached to the grill.  Each arm has a round mirror with a Japan Servo Motor that moves the beam.  Each mirror is adjustable for a concentrated or wide rotating beam of light.  Unfortunately this unit arrived without the controller so a custom controller will need to be made or sound active PCB will need to be added.  Currently only the lamp relay is working (This uses the + and - terminals on the side of the unit).  The color wheel motor and 8 mirror motors run off the 5 pin MIDI cable.  If anyone has information on the controller or has a controller please reach out to me.  Fixture made in France.