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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nisel Stratus L Unit

Awesome UFO from Nisel!  This is the Stratus L unit. There are 3 different Stratus units Nisel made – there is the ‘S’, ‘M’ and ‘L’ sizes which represent small, medium and large.  This is the large.  The unit features a 28 volt, 250 watt ACL lamp which points at a plastic ‘chrome’ cone which reflects the light out of the UFO head.  Between the bulb and the cone is a color wheel assembly with large metal strips between the gel inserts.  As the color wheel spins it makes the blades of light.  The way the saucer is designed is having metal strips around the perimeter to be used as a douser so light does not bleed out of the unit.  Very similar to the Sapro Thriller unit.  Super high quality Crouzet motors are used to rotate the unit on all 3 axis’s.  Separate circuits for each motor and lamp (4 total).  Unit made in Italy.