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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Coemar Cybernetic 1200

Awesome classic unit from Coemar!  This is the Cybernetic 1200 centerpiece unit. The unit features a 1200 watt  discharge lamp located in the center of the unit which shoots beams of colored light out of 12 large convex lenses.  There is a 4 head rotating condenser lens assembly that makes the motion of the unit.  It is controlled by a stepper motor with electronics housed on the rear of the unit on the back of one of the arms.  The lamp ignitor is also located on the rear of the unit on one of the arms.  This is so no light is lost due to something in the way in the light head due to the space available in the saucer.  The output is a fast moving beams of light that reflect off of the 12 stationary mirrors on the parameter of the unit.  Each mirror is adjustable so beams can be concentrated or shoot where ever desired.  There is a large & heavy external ballast that is used with the unit for powering the lamp.  Unit made in Italy.