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Monday, April 18, 2016

Disco Tech Jr. Atlantis

Another great unit from Disco Tech!  This is the Jr. Atlantis centerpiece lighting unit.  Small & compact unit but puts out a ton of great light!  These is also a full size Atlantis with a discharge light source and a much larger platform.  The unit has a central 36 volt, 400 watt EVD lamp with 6 convex lenses located around the light source.  Each lens is gelled for colored output and they can be changed to any color desired.  Each of the 6 outputs also has an independent scan mirror and constant rotating 60 RPM effect mirrored dish.  There are 3 types of effect mirrors: Split (1/2 round), scatter (Small mirrored cluster) and wedges (8 small perforated triangles).  Each scan mirror is controller from a super high quality Micro Motor from Italy.  The output is sound active scanning and Arial effects.  Looks awesome in fog!  This unit has been an ongoing project fro some time as it was badly damaged during shipping.  It works great now due to a bunch of new mirrors / lenses and PCB repair.  Unit built in Poland.