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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Optec (NESS) Synchrobot HP Scanner System

Classic first generation scanning system from Optec!  These are the Synchrobot HP scanners with dedicated controller.  The Synchrobot units were available as standard or HP.  The HP is the 'High Power' version.  The standard units use a halogen lamp and the HP units use a high power HTI-150 discharge lamp.  Since the unit features a discharge lamp the unit has a mechanical shutter / douser for blackout & strobe function.   Each unit features 11 dichoric colors plus white and 12 gobos.  All motors used are super high quality Micro motors from Italy.  The controller is very simple to operate and you can control up to 16 Synchrobot units with 1 controller.  Units are quite heavy due to the ballast / ignitor system in each unit.  Connection from the controller to the units is through a common 9 pin computer cable.  Great system made in the US!