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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Satel Pogi 32 Waltzer Unit

Absolutely huge effect unit from Satel!  This is the Pogi 32 effect unit.  The unit features 32 - 6 volt, 30 watt 4515 lamps mounted on a huge round platter.  There are 3 rings of lamps.  An inner 8 lamps - center 8 lamps and 16 outer lamps.  The outer and inner rings are wired together (24 lamps total) and the central ring is wired separately.  This allows for different effects to be produced.  The central ring of lamps are all mounted on super high quality Crouzet oscillating motors which produces a very cool scanning effect.  The entire unit is mounted on a central 'Gyrating' assembly powered by a super high quality Crouzet gear head motor.  The unit does not spin but rather it gyrates in a circular motion.  The lamp circuits are all 48 volts and powered from a very large external transformer.  Currently the unit is missing the large external power supply for the lamps, a couple of lamp holders and some of the lamp retainers.  If anyone has parts for this unit please contact me.  Super unique unit made in Spain!