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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Satel Aros / Gyroscope

By far one of the most interesting classic units ever produced!  This is the Aros / Gyroscope from Satel.  The unit is very large and heavy so permanent installations are best for this unit.  The fixture features 20 X 6 volt, 30 watt 4515 lamps mounted on a large outer ring (8 Lamps) and a central cluster (12 lamps) grouped in the center.  The lamps are wired in series to make the 120 volt circuit and feature individual neon indicators for faulty lamps.  The unit has a top rotating motor to spin the unit at 20 RPM.  The outer ring rotates at 36 RPM and the center cluster is adjustable speed 0-40 RPM due to the adjustable speed 24 volt DC motor.  A dedicated controller operates all parts of the unit independently.

When I acquired this unit it was in poor condition (See pictures below).  Some good cleaning and paint on the outer ring makes the unit look 110% better.  The original chrome is not in the best condition but I chose to keep it.  In the future I may convert the unit to black like I did with my Satel Kum. The unit also was missing the dedicated controller when I received it so I modified an old Kum (Full Size) controller as it has the lamp relay that the smaller controllers lack.  I added an additional switch, fuse and power circuit for the additional motor this unit has.  Truly spectacular unit made in Spain!            

The Poor orignial condition of the unit...

Controller Before Modification...

Modified Controller