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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

T.A.S. / Coemar / Cyber Tech Synchro Digital Units

Awesome units from t.a.s. / Coemar / Cyber Tech.  These are the Synchro Digital units.  The units use a 95 volt, 575 watt double ended discharge lamp in the center that emits out to 8 central focusing lenses.  From the lenses the beams hit mirrors attached to high quality Moons steppers moving the beams in and out.  Also attached to the center of the unit are constantly rotating mirrored dishes attached to smaller Moons steppers creating a great reflective surface for broken up effects.  In addition there is a constantly rotating dichoric carousel that changes the beams multiple colors. 

A dedicated controller lets the units cycle through 50 different programs and audio input from the rear lets the units bounce beams to the beat of the music.  DMX operation can also be archived by hooking the signal to the rear of the controller.  If a controller is not present 0 - 10 volt analogue can be used to control the unit through the 1/4" connector on the rear of the units.  Connection of the controller to the units is by 1/4" Stereo (3 Conductor) cable. 

Awesome units made in Italy!  Full feature video of all of the programs coming soon!    Thanks to Andre