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Sunday, June 8, 2014

LiteLab L-1000 Logic Control System

Classic Control System from LiteLab.  This is the L-1000 controller combined with the Matrix Zoner / Driver.  This controller has10 channels with a capability of 1200 watts per channel.  This unit was designed to be used with the common 10 lamp strips (metal strips with 10 sockets and small  7 - 11 watt lamps) but can be used with pin spots, neon or other light equipment.  When used in conjunction with the Matrix Zoner the standard chasing back and forth will include going from stick to stick (wagon wheel effect) if you are using the light strips.  Alternating the hot and neutral circuits on the channels creates the effect. 

Most other LiteLab systems have large zoners, dimmers and drivers housed in wall mounted panels.  This system is self contained so all of the other parts are housed in an additional rack mount chassis.  This is more compact and seems to be a rare style from LiteLab.  A 26 conductor ribbon cable connects the 2 units together. 
Operation is pretty simple for this unit.  It can run in auto mode or react to music if an audio source is connected to the rear of the unit.  3 sliders / faders control the main function.  They are for Sensitivity (for the audio), Rate and Speed.  The other small switches switch on or bypass the Zoner, activate or bypass the audio, pause (Stops the chasing at a step), Direction (of chase), mode (for types of chasing) and the main power switch.

This classic system was made here in the US.