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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sapro Rainbow UFO Units (Clear)

Just in from a complete overhaul!  These are Sapro Rainbow UFO units.  Originally with colored lenses the name rainbow described the colors of the beams but now as clear lensed units the name really does not fit; anyways here they are.  Sapro originally screen printed the colors onto the glass and through time they fade and peel off.  I actually prefer the clear.  If color is desired I would recommend a dichro behind the lens or gell on the outside of the lens for these. 

These units use very high quality Crouzet motors for smooth operation on all axis's.  The base motor uses 2 polycord belts to grip the main shaft.  4 individual power circuits allow better control of the functionality.  1 for each of the 3 motors and 1 for the lamp.  The lamp is a common 120 volt, 500 watt linear FCL Halogen that is very inexpensive.   

A cool feature of these units is the internal circuit panel that is located in the base.  When the panel is opened the connections for the fuses and motors are accessible.  Great units from France.