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Monday, May 26, 2014

Show Pro (NESS) Pulsant

Another unique unit from Show Pro!  This is the Pulsant unit that is a unique combination of a moonflower and Astroraggi style beam effect.  How it works is a stationary dichoric dish is placed in the center of the unit.  A sound active motor with a metal dish attached is placed in front of the dichoric dish.  The metal dish has a bunch of small holes cut into it.  The dish resembles the metal bowl found in Astroraggi style units.  When the dish spins it allows light to reflect off only the mirrors that are not blocked making a rain style effect.   

The light source is a high power GE HTI 150 discharge lamp producing crisp, bright and vibrant beams.  Since it is a discharge bulb it takes a bit to warm up and get to full intensity.  A shutter system is used to black out the unit since striking the lamp repeatedly kills the life of the lamp.  The unit features a dedicated wired remote control that operates the shutters. 

All of the electronics are located at the rear of the unit including the sound trigger for the motion motor; ballast, ignitor and capacitor for the lamp; PCB for the shutter plungers and dual cooling fans for the unit.

The unit is very large and quite rare.  Fixture made in the US.