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Monday, May 5, 2014

Clay Paky Atlas Version 1 (Original Version) Units

Truly awesome lighting effects from Clay Paky.  These are the original Atlas units.  These units use the same large chassis as the classic Marte and Saturno units but are painted black and adds an additional panel for the PCB and raised housing for the high velocity cooling fan.  The newer Atlas units have a completely different chassis design.

These units feature a super bright HMI 575 discharge lamp enclosed in a small douser tube.  How the douser works is by rotating the tube to allow light to emit through the small aperture in the rear of the unit.  The douser rotates slow or fast depending on the speed chosen and can also can move different directions by utilizing a stepper motor mounted to the douser base.  The lamp mounts to a removable plate that transfers the power from the chassis to the lamp.  Sitting on top of the lamp housing is a removable super high velocity German Papst cooling fan for efficient operation.  The fan connects to the unit with 2 banana style electrical connections and standoff fasteners.  This is a simple but effective design for lamp maintenance.  These units have 2 different styles of power connections on the rear.  2 have the older screw terminals with an aluminum cover for connections like the Marte and Saturno units have and 2 have a newer IEC style with removable plug on the rear.   

The output is super bright beams of light that seem to move side to side at different speeds on a 180 degree arc.  Unit can be colored using color gels or dichros.  DMX, Pulsar PMX or 0 - 10 volt Analogue controllable.  220 volt operation and made in Italy.