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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Futurelight Miracle 1200 Unit

This is a truly spectacular unit.  Produced from Futurelight (rumor Robe was the original manufacturer) in the late 90's this unit makes a truly unique aerial effect. 

The unit has 2 separate gobo wheels (1 Rotating, 1 Static), separate dichoric color wheel and a super bright 1200 watt HMI discharge to power the unit.  How the unit works is using different static and rotating gobos layered on top of each other an illusion of tunnels and other geometric shapes project from the unit.  A manual focus is located at the front so you can get crisp shapes or more distorted effects if desired. 

Control of the unit is DMX through 1/4" connections on the rear.  A dedicated controller is also available for this unit.  This is the larger Miracle unit as Futurelight also made a 575 discharge version.  Fixture is very heavy and built like a tank!  When running this unit gets very hot and even though it has dual cooling fans the light still has to cool for about 15 min before you can even think of touching it.  Unit made in Germany.