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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clay Paky Astroraggi Power

An updated version of a true classic! This is the Clay Paky Astroraggi "Power" unit. The fixture is not truly vintage since it is available from Clay Paky, but rather a refined, better unit than the original. The differences between the older and current unit is a higher power lamp (400 watt MSR Arc vs. 250 watt MSD Arc), full DMX control through 2 channels (the original just had 2 power circuits for control) and the new unit is dimmable and can strobe. The unit is also has variable speed and direction of the rotating dome depending on rate of the DMX channel. The dimming of the unit is through a very interesting aluminum box that closes around the lamp while it is lit. The box will open and close very fast as well causing a strobing effect. You can control the Astroraggi with DMX or PMX (Pulsar Multi-plex). The unit also features dual cooling fans. Made in Italy.