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Sunday, October 2, 2011

METEOR ProBeam Effects Projector

Very unique effects unit from METEOR. This is the ProBeam unit. It is based on a simple standard light projector where you can add different attachments to produce a very psychedelic light show. Currently I have the front prism which makes 4 beams instead of the single beam output. I also have 2 different 3" cassette rotators. The cassettes produce a Kaleidoscope type effect. 1 is sound active via an RCA type input cable from an audio source and the other is a constant rotation. You can connect up to 3 different motorized effects to this projector and run them at the same time through the 12 volt plugs on the sides of the unit. Other attachments include rotating prisms, color changers, 6" effect wheel rotators, different angled lenses and many others. The light source is produced from an 82 volt, 300 watt EXR lamp at the rear of the unit. Fan cooled for continuous operation. Unit made here in the US.