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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lightwave Research Dataflash Classic System

One of the best systems ever created. This is the Dataflash (Original) strobe system from Lightwave Research (Now Barco High End Systems). The classic system consists of the main controller that will control up to 128 strobe units and 4 strobes. The connection from the controller to the strobes is through a common 3-Pin XLR cable (1/4" on the earlier units). The strobes feature a 1000 watt strobe bulb and a large plastic dome for protection (there were optional colored domes available when these were sold). There are 2 connectors on the rear for control signal in and out. The controller has many internal programs and audio input for sound active flashing. There was a newer system created from Lightwave named the AF1000 which added DMX and a sleeker design. Also there were newer controllers such as the Mini and LCD for the AF1000 units. The AF1000 also had an optional HO (High Output) bulb for brighter flashes. One feature between the classic and AF1000 is that the classic will not overheat and "time-out" and have to wait in order to continue flashing.  Awesome system made here in the USA!