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Saturday, July 20, 2013

SEAR Unknown Large "Clam" Effect Unit

This is a giant effect from SEAR!  I am not sure of the name of the unit, but it is HUGE!  If anyone knows the name please email me.  The unit features a 240 volt, 1000 halogen T11 lamp in the center of the fixture that produces a super bright output.  The light projects out of 6 lenses positioned in a 180 degree arc around the perimeter of the unit.  Located on each output is a scanning mirror with 2 stepper motors.  The unit has a very large and complex circuit assembly for control of all of the motors located under a panel at the bottom of the unit.  Control is from an onboard microphone that triggers the programs.  The motor circuit and lamp circuits are separate so the lamp can be dimmed or turned on and off without damaging the circuitry.  Unit is white, but can be colored using gels on the output lenses. Awesome unit made in Italy.