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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lampo Superlight

This is by far the king of the Fanstar ‘flat beam’ lighting type effect units!  This is the Superlight by Lampo.  The unit is like 5 Flat beam units stacked on a large chassis!  There are 5 rows of 8 lenses producing up to 40 different beams of light.  The lamp is a common 220 volt, 1000 watt linear stick lamp.  The lamp rotates on an adjustable speed motor that is mounted on a large assembly that rides on a set of rails up and down.  This makes the light emit from different sections of the unit as it moves along the track.  Long rails run along both sides of the assembly providing power for the lamp and rotation motor as it moves.  The movement of the large lamp assembly is from a geared motor with a chain attached at both ends.  Unit has a fan located at each end for optimal cooling of the high power lamp.  The movement of both motors and lamp are provided from a dedicated rack controller.  The controller has 2 faders (1 to control the lamp motor and 1 for the motor that moves the assembly along the rails) and selection knobs for audio / manual control and Games (pre-programmed sequences for the unit).  The controller also has an audio input for sound-to-light animation through a ¼” connector on the rear.  A very cool feature of this unit is that connection of the wires to the controller feature module quick releases.  This makes connecting the unit very easy and not confusing since there are 7 wires that run between the controller and the unit.  Very special unit made in Italy.