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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Griven Circus 575 Lighting Unit

These are AMAZING lighting units!!  These are the spectacular Griven Circus units.  Each unit uses a 100 volt, 575 watt HMI Arc lamp in the center for great vibrant colors.  The light is projected from the center of the unit.  The light then goes through a dichoric color / gobo wheel and reflects off of a 45 degree mirror on opposite sides of the unit.  The light is then projected out of the front of the front convex lenses where it strikes a reflective scan mirror and a spinning cone barrel mirror that also scans on a pivoting motor.  It creates an awesome light show of colored spinning beams and shapes.  These units can be controlled by a standard 0 – 10 volt analogue controller or run by themselves via internal programs triggered from an onboard microphone.  The adjustment for the spinning barrel mirrors is located on the front of the unit (you can see the potentiometer in the pictures).  These units are super bright and were even available in a 1200 watt version!!  Units made in Italy.